Chance furlong felina feral dating fanfiction

Contains typical superhero violence, swearing, and mild questioning of our sexualities. One fine day in Kandrakar University, Phobos' best-friend-turned-personal-servant comes to him and casually confesses about his girlfriend, who apparently was a programming student but turned an assassin because her course was constantly trying to kill her.

I want back but I also don’t want back,” said Chance with a sad face. ” Chance and Ponyta listened for anybody who might have asked for help and they saw a white she-kat. They were pursued by 2 robots with a strange symbol that looked like a red bat. tss…, I guess I have to do all the work,” said a strange woman using a red body with the same red bat thing and a red mask on her head and she had long purple hair. “Adios Catra, hope to never see you again,” said Ponyta, looking at the sky. At night, everybody was sleeping but Chance and Princess Yan.

“We’d better carry him to the Bright Moon and fast,” said the she-kat helping Adam carry Chance. “Me too, sis – I will stay in Etheria for 2 weeks,” said Adam. Adam and Adora began to laugh when Yan and Chance came in. “I-I’m sorry , I didn’t want..” “It’s Ok, Bow,” said Yan. “Good idea, Madame Razz,” said a woman with purple hair called Glimmer.

“Look, Prince Adam, he’s not from here – he’s from another world,” said Ponyta. “Adam, it’s good to see you again, brother,” said Adora. “Ah, don’t worry about them, sis, because they’re chicken,” said Adam. “Nice too meet you all – I am Princess Yan, a cat-woman of the snow and ice,” said Yan. “Yeah, but I am the last,” said Yan with a sad voice. Quickly, Pastmaster teleports himself, Catra, and Chance to Hordark’s base.

This story takes place in an alternate universe but with a strange in-continuity twist.

Bruce, ancora in lutto per la morte di Jason, viene catturato da un nuovo nemico mascherato.

” “Well, I understood you’re sad, but if you still sad, Chance will be sad too,” she said. In another world in a forest, a portal opens and drops Chance on the ground and Chance gets up. Hungry and tired, Chance found a cave, a big lake, and a tree with some apples. The next morning, Chance woke up better after all that had happened in his dark past. “I know what you are feeling,” said Yan “Because of the stupid laws of my class I lost my twin brother,” said Yan with an angry voice. Usually they give birth to girls, but if one has a boy, he’ll be killed.

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Chance furlong felina feral dating fanfiction introduction

Chance furlong felina feral dating fanfiction