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Debbie ryan dating nick jonas

On the other side, they are forced to hang out a lot more and are on set for 5-6 hours at a time so they are definitely closer than they were last season.’Break out the hankies ladies and if you don’t have a hankie, take the nearest wet wipe and make sure you’re sitting down when reading this entry.

Here’s the interview:‘On the show they do finally start to see each other in a different light so they’re living out this romance onscreen.

People here do not want to be my friend they want to be my onterage and I hate that fake shit Debby: Uh yeah sure(walks out with Taylor texts Cole to meet her in the dorm lounge) -With Cole- Chris:(lifting weights) Yo look its a tree(laughs with Ross) Ross: HI I AM A FRESHMAN LIKE YOU BUT MEANT TO BE A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL HOW COOL IS THIS Chris:(sighs) Ross Cool your jets down I am Chris Gayla and you must be Cole Sprouse right?

The pair dated in 2008 after Nick’s breakup with fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus, but called it quits when Nick and Miley started briefly dating again in 2009.Girls this is Ross Lynch a guy who skipped senior year and went right to College with Chris Gayla who is- Chris: Your dreams come true(winks gently pushing Cole out of the way) Hello beautiful(he said pulling the young 18 year olds hand to his lips) Cole:(glares hating this guy right now ecspecially when Debby blushes giggling) Okay lets go gets some food Maia:(notices Cole as Debby and Chris walk ahead) I saw that Cole: What do you mean Maia?(walks ahead with Taylor who will not leave him alone) Ross:(winks at Maia) Hey the- Maia: Keep your eyes to yourself I am just here to learn and not flirt with high school boys Ross:(pouts following behind them) Debby: So you are from New York(sighs) I love that City Chris:(smiles) Oh yeah The city would love you too Victoria:(flirting with a guy and nobody is looking at her sees Chris)OH my go(runs up) Hi I am Victoria Chris:(laughs) Your not my type sorry cutie but maybe some guy will like you(puts his arm over Debby's should and Debby smiles up at him) Cole:(pouts) Taylor:(walking smiles) You love her don't you?And there was a point where I kind of lost myself completely.I didn’t smile as much, I didn’t laugh as much, I wasn’t a goofball…Everyone around me hated him.

Cole:(calms down and looks at Debby) Where is your other roommate?

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Debbie ryan dating nick jonas introduction

Debbie ryan dating nick jonas

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