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Charter by Alan Durward to Sir Gilbert of Glenkerny of the half of Tulach- fyny in Mar, «c« 1256, ..... 6 and ^ Charter by Gilbert, third Lord of Glenkerny, to his eldest son, Gilbert, of the lands of Gerbothy, 2d February 1280, .... Kyldrwme, 16th September 1483, 34 [.l Ul ■KIV X ABSTR.\CT OF CHARTERS OF [1484- 43. In vitnes of the quhilk baythe the saidis parteis for fulfilling, obseruing and keiping heiroff, hes bondin and oblesit thame, thair aris, executoris and assignais, to vtheris, but fraude or gyle ; and is contentit this contract be insert in the officiallis bukis of Murraye, and thai to be actit, vnder the panis of cursing, to obserue the samj Ti, hes subscrivit this contract, zeir, daye, and place forsaed, befoir thir vitnes, ane reuerend fader in God, Eobert bischope of Orknaye, honorabill men, Alexander Cuming of Alter, James Murray of Culbardye, W" Ogiluye, and j\Iaster Petir Galbrath, notar publict, with vtheris diuers. Quo die moniti sunt voluntarie ex eorum propriis confessionibus, honorabiles viri. Item, quatuor equos operarios ibidem, precium omnium xx lib. In primis, fatetur se habere centum vndecim boues arabiles, precium pecie .

,give sasine and possession to Duncan Makyntoischie, of the lands of Rathamurchus, pertaining to him, the said Alexander, as he alleged, by various rights, and that such sasine, if allowed, would seriously prejudice him and his heirs ; wherefore, in a loud and distinct voice, he broke, cassed, and annulled the foresaid sasine, so flvr as he could, and in token of such cassation, he, within the house in the door of which the sasine had been given, broke with his foot a wooden dish and put out the fire kindled there, protesting tliat the pretended sasine should not prejudice him in time coming. Precept by Duncan Grant of Freuchie, knight, to infeft James Douglas of Pedindrecht, for his lifetime, in the fifth part of the half of the town of Surastoune, with their pertinents, in the shire of Elgin. Notarial Instrument, narrating that in presence of William of Duffous, notary-public, and witnesses, personally compeared Elizabeth Pilche and Marjory Pilche, being in their widowhood, and appointed Alexander Dunbar of Westfield, knight, James Dunbar of Connoch, and others, their lawful procurators, for surrendering in the King's hands, or in the hands of others having power to receive resignations, in favour of Alexander Hay of Mayne, the lands of Inuerellene, Gaich, Glenbege, Cragyne, and Dregye, with their pertinents ; also the lands of Culoabok, Knokintenuaill, and Auch, in the shire of Inverness ; also lands and annual-rents in the burgh of Inverness, belonging to the said Elizabeth and Slarjory Pilche heritably : Reserving to the granters their liferent of the subjects disponed. Gift by George Earl of Huntly, Lord Gordon and Badenoch, to John the Grant, son and apparent heir of the deceased John the Grant, son of Sir Duncan the Grant, of the four davachs of Kynrara, Raite, Blarowye, and Gask, in the lordship of Badzhe- nacht and shire of Inverness, for his manrent and service done and to be done to the Earl all the days of his life : To be held by the said John Grant, younger, for his lifetime ; reserving to the Earl and his heirs the ferme multure of the foresaid lands. 107 eftir follovvis : That is to saye, that the said Alexander sail, God willing, marie and haue to wyfi Fe the said Jonet, and sail solemnizat the band of matrimonye in face of halie kii'k with hir, in all gudelie haest, and sail giflf hir and to the aris to be gottin betuix thame, and faelzeing thairoff, to the said Alexander aris quhatsumevir, in coniunctfee, tua hundreth merkis land, giffand in all dewitie tua hundreth merkis be zeir, of his landis of the barony of Duf Tous ; and faelzeing that lie haue nocht samekill within the said barony, to giff" the laef T of his landis in Suthirland, extending to the said sowm ; providing quhowsoue that he relevis onye landis in Duffous that is wedsett, he sail gitl the samyn to the said Jonet quhill he mak hir the haell tua hundreth merkis within Duf Fous : And giff God callis the Lard Duf Fous moder that scho die afoir the said Jonett, scho sail tak the landis of Ludgett and Querrellwoid and vtheris landis that scho hes presentlie for hir coniunct fee, thai beand mare of valiour of tua hundreth merkis ; and sail giff our the saiddis landis of Duf Fous and vtheris landis that scho gettis presentlie in coniunct fee ; and giff thair hapynnis onye cans of diuorce to be movit be the said Alexander aganis the said Jonet, he salbe halden to raes dispensationis vpon his expenssis, and sail vse the samyn als oft as mister beis, albeit thair be na impediment knawin be the saiddis parteis nor thair freindis, bot at thai maye lauchfullie marie at this tyme : For the quhilk mareage and coniunctfee, the said James Grant bindis and oblesis him, his aris and assignais, to releve and keip skaythles the said Alexander, his aris and assignais, of the singill or dowbill awaell of the said Alexander mareage at the handis of Elezabeth Campbell, dochter to vmquhill Schir Johne Campbell of Caldor, knycht, allegit assignaye to the said ' Alexander mareage, and all vtheris quhom it efiferis ; and sail content and paye to the said Alexander, atour the said releve, the sowm of thre hundreth merkis vsuall mone of Scotland, for the redemption of his landis of Duf Fous at the said Jonet suld be put in coniunctfie of ; and attour, salbe gude and thankfull to the said Alexander in all his effaris as the gude fadir suld do to the sone. Actum apud Knocandoch, vicesimo sexto Februarii, anno Domini millesimo quingen- tesimo quinquagesimo secundo. Inuentarium omnium bonorum honorabilis quondam viri Jacobi Graunt de Frwquhy, factam per semet ipsum in castro suo de Fruqulij", vigesimo secundo die mensis Augusti, anno Domini millesimo quingeiitesimo quinquagesimo tercio, coram hiis testibus, Duncano Graunt in Garthrinbeg, Patricio Mackfinlay in Gleubeg, Fynlao Williamsone, Johanne M'^Fail alias Graunt, Willelmo Gow cum diuersis aliis.

The neighbours being duly sworn, apprised four oxen, which the said James left to pasture, as his property, on the said lands. Charter by Marjory Lude, Lady of the half of the barony of Freiichie, whereby, in her widowhood, urgent need, and for the sustentation of her life, she wadsets to Patrick Grant, her son, her lands of Achinarrow, Downan, Port, and Dalfour, in the barony of Freuchie and shire of Inverness, for 600 merks Scots : To be held by him and his heirs till the foresaid sum should be repaid on the high altar in the Cathe- dral Kirk of Moray ; the said Patrick and his heirs rendering to the superior the services due and wont. Notarial Instrument, narrating that in presence of notaries and witnesses, compeared Alexander Slakyntoischie, thane of Rathamurchus, and declared that he had, that very hour, seen James Steuart, constable of the palace of Spyny, and bailie of David Bishop of Moray in that part. lands of Deveauch, and the half of the lands of Mekle Clune, extend- ing to a 20s. lands of Petcarill Croy, extending in the whole to a £27 land, as contained in the King's new rental, lying in the lordship of Urquhart and shire of Inverness ; which lands the King, out of special favour, erected into the barony and feu-farm of Corrymony : To be held by the said John Grant, younger, and his heirs-male, of the King and his successors, in feu-farm and heritage, for payment of £27 Scots yearly, with the marriage of the heir when it occurred, and 6s. 77 terre et lapidis traditionem tradatis et delil Deretis, seu alter vestrum tradat aut deliberet : Ad quod faciendum vobis et vestrum cuilibet, coniunctim et diuisim, nostram plenariam et irreuo- cabileni tenore presentium committimus potestatem : Datum sub nostris sigillo et subscriptione manuali, apud Bogagyth, vicesimo [die] Marcii, anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo tri- cesimo secundo, coram his testibus, honorabili viro Alexandro Ogilwy de eodem, Johanne Duf et Johanne Ogil^vy, cum diuersis aliis. Subscriptum per dominos compositores, apud Inuernes, xxvj die mensis Nouembris, anno Domini j^v'xxxiiii". Datum sub testimonio nostri magiii sigilli, apud Edinburgh, decimo nono die mensis Februarii, anno regni nostri vicesimo septimo. Letters by King Ja:vies the Fifth to the Dean and Chapter of Moray. Grace, my lord gouernour, and the authorite of the Crouu allanerlie exceptit, as at mair lenth is contenit in thair letteris obligatouris maid to ws thairupoun : Heirfore to be bundin and oblist, and be the tennour heirof bj-ndis and oblissis ws, be the fayth and trewth in our body, lelely and treniy, our airis and successouris forsaid, to manteine and defend the saidis James the Grant and Jolinn the Grant his soue, and the langest levar of thame, thair kyne, freyndis and seruandis, in all thair iust and leissum actionis, questionis, querrellis and debaittis, thair iust heretage, takkis, rowmes, and possessionis, aganis all deidly, our allegiance to our souerane lady the Quenis Grace, my lord gouernour, and the authorite of the Croun allanerly exceptit : In witnes of the quhilkis, to thir our letteris of manteinance, subscriuit with our hand, our seill is to hungin, at Elgin, the aucht day of Mali, the zeir of God ane thousand fife hundreth and fourty sex zeris ; befoir thir witnes, ane noble and mychtie lord, Johnn erll of Sutherland, ane reuerend fader in God, Robert bischope of Orknaj', Alexander Innes of that ilk, Johnne Lesly of Boquhaue, Robert Innes of Inuermerky, William Sinclair of Dunbeith, and Alexander Cummyng of Alter, with vtheris diuers. Subscriuit with our hand, at Edinburgh, the xij day of Februare, the zeir of God j"v'= fyftye ane zeris. pro ipsius proditoria veniencia in comitiua cum Matheo olim comite de Levinax, bello preparato et vexillo distento contra prefatum nostrum tutorem et gubeniatorem, super mora de Glasgw, in meuse Maii anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo quadragesimo quarto, prefato nostro gubernatore ibidem in propria persona presente ; et pro omnibus actione et crimine que ei inde quouismodo imputari poterunt ; necnon pro omnibus actionibus, trans- gressionibus, criminibus, proditionibus et offensis quibuscunque, per dictum Johannem, vilis temporibus elapsis ante diem date presencium commissis, seu quomodolibet perpetratis, proditoria tradicionc in nostram propriam personam reginalem dumtaxat excepta ; dummodo dictus Johannes partibus conquerentibus et dampna passis taliter satisfaciat quod nullam super hoc de cetero iustam querimoniam audiamus : Et supradictum Johannem, sub firma pace et protectione nostra suscipientes, firmiter inhibemus ne quis ei occasione dicte venientie aut aliarum actionum, transgressionum, criminum, prodicionum et of Fensarum predictarum, malum, molestiam, iniuriam, seu grauamen aliquod inferre presumat iniuste, super nostram plenariam forisfacturam, aut mortem ei inferat, sub pena amissionis vite et membrorum : In cuius rei testimonium, has literas nostras remissionis, pro toto tempore vite dicti Johannis duraturas, sub nostro magno sigillo, sibi fieri fecimus patentes ; apud Abirdene, nono die mensis Julii, anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo quinquagesimo secundo, et regni nostri decimo. Contract for the marriage of Janet, daughter of James Grant of Freuchie, and Alexander Sutherland of Duffus. At Steathylaye, the xxvj daye of Januar, the zeir of God ane thousand fywe hundreth fyftye tua zeris, it is finallie appointit, concordit and agreit betuix honorabill personis, that is to saye, James Grant of Fruquhye, for him selff and Jonet Grant his dochter, on the ane part, and Alexander Suderland of Duffous, on that vthir part, in maner, forme and effect as 1552.] OF THE GRANTS OF GRANT. Item, facio et constituo Jobannem Grant, meum apparentem heredem, meum executorem vnicum et bonorum intromissorem ad disponendum pro salute anime mee mea bona, prout sibi expe- diens exponere visum erit, vt voluerit respondere coram summo iudice, etc. Confirmed Inventory and TESTi Wi ENX of James Grant of Freuchie, dated 22d August 1553.

IX PAGE apprise six oxen for the mailk of the lands. Datum sub testimonio magni sigilli nostri, apud Edinburgh, secundo die mensis Aprilis, anno regni nostri decimo nono. Precept of Clare Constat by Margaret Lady of Gordon and Badenoch to seize Jajles Grant, as son and heir of John Grant of Freuchie, in the lauds of Tulloch- g&rm, etc. Margareta, domina de Gordone et Baudenach, dilcctis nostris consanguineis magistro Alexandre Ogilwy in Glassoch, Patricio Grant in Ballindallach, Johanni Graunt in Auchnarow, balliuis nostris in hac parte coniunctim et diuisim specialiter constitutis, salutem : Quia clare constat nobis quod Jacobus Grant, lator presentium, est Icgitimus et propinquior heres quondam Johannis Grant de Fruchy, patris sui, qui obiit vltimo vcstitus et saisitus ut de feodo, ad fidem et pacem supremi domini nostri Regis, de omnibus et singulis terris de Tullochgorme, Cur, Clo^vry, Tulloch, et de dimedietate de Dalfour, cum earum pertinenciis, iacentibus in dominio nostro de Baudenach, infra vicecomitatum de Inuernes : Et quod dictus Jacobus est legitime etatis ; et predicte terre tenentur de nobis in capite, tanquam domina de Baudenach : Vobis igitur et vestrum cuilibet, balliuis nostris, coniunctim et diuisim, preci- pimus et mandamus, quatenus visis presentibus dicto Jacobo Grant latori presentium, aut suo certo actomato, statum, possessionem et saisinam hereditariam omnium terrarum prescriptarum cum earum pertinenciis, secundum formam cartarum suarum quas inde liabet, indilate per 1535.] ■' OF THE GEAXTS OF GRANT. Coarpo Nl TUR with Gillanderis M^Gillejlvrtyne M^Kerin and others for absence from the host at Solway. COMPONITXJR pro remissione cum Gillanderis M'^Gillemartyne M'^Kerin, Kennoch JPGillepatrik, Johanne Croy JPPatrik IPGillespik, Donaldo IFPaule Nele, Johanne Dow RPMulmore, Jacobo M"=Kynkeir in Vrquhart, et AVillelmo Makane, infra vicecomitatum de Inuernes commorantibus, pro eorum proditoria remanencia ab exercitu supremi domini nostri Eegis apud Sulway ; et pro omnibus actione et crimine que inde sequi poterint ; necnon pro omnibus aliis actionibus, transgressionibus, criminibus et of Fensis quibuscunque, per dictas personas aut earum aliquam aliquibus temporibus retroactis vsque in diem date presencium commissis, seu quomodolibet peqietratis ; proditoria traditione in personam regiam, homicidiis Cjuibuscunque particularibus tarn ante confectionem acti quam post, supplemento et assistencia datis et exhibitis Hectori Makintosche et suis complicibus in eorum actis proditoriis dumtaxat exceptis, dummodo prefate persone non sint secte et opinionis dicti Hectoris. et dicto Johanni Grant et heredibus suis, omnes et singulas terras do Mulben, cum castro et fortalicio earundem, et terras de Mekle Ballinbroth, cum piscariis molendinis, multuris, tenenlibus et tenandriis earundem, cum omnibus suis pertinenciis, iacentes infra vicecomi- tatum nostrum de Elgin et Fores ; ac etiam omnes et singulas terras de le tua Cunynghais, terras de Auldcarne, et terras de Mek Ol Culquhotht, et Litill Culquhotht, cum piscariis, molendinis, multuris, tenentibus et tenandriis earundem, cum omnibus suis pertinenciis, iacentes infra vicecomitatum nostrum de Inuernys : Quequidem terre, cum castro, piscariis, molendinis et multuris earundem, fuerunt dicti Jacobi Grant perprius hereditarie, et quas idem, per fustem et baculum, in manibus nostris, apud Edinburgh, personaliter sursum reddidit, pureque et simpliciter resignauit, prout in carta nostra desuper sibi confecta plenius continetur: Vobis precipimus et mandamus quatenus prefatis Margarete Steuart, in vitali redditu pro omnibus diebus vita sue, et Johanni Grant hereditarie, vel suis certis actornatis, latoribus presencium, sasinam dictarum terrarum, cum piscariis, molendinis, multuris, tenen- tibus, tenandriis earundem, cum suis pertinenciis, secundum tenorem dicte nostre carte quam de nobis inde habent, iuste haberi faciatis, et sine dilatione; et hoc nullo modo omittatis : Ad quod faciendum vobis et vestrum cuilibet, coniunctim et diuisim, vicecomitibus nostris de Elgin, Fores, et Inuernys, in hac parte, committimus potestatem. Subscriuit with our hand and vndir our signete, at Sanct Androis, the xxvij day of Aprile, and of our regue the xxvij zere. To oure weilbelouitt clerkis the dene and cheptoure of Murray. mandate super hoc viue vocis oraculo nobis facto, discretioni vestre committimus et mandamus, quatenus vos vel duo vestrum coniunctim procedentes, vocatis episcopo et capitulo predictis, de datione, concessione, arrendatione, locatione, et dimissione ac aliis premissis, vt prefertur factis, diligenter vos informetis ; et si per informationem eandem quod ille in euidentem dicte ecclesie Morauiensis seu illius mense episcopalis vtilitatem cesserint et cedant reppereritis, super quibus con- scientiam vestram oneramus, easdem dationem, concessionem, arrendationem, locationem et dimissionem, ac prout illas concemunt omnia et singula in charta seu litteris predictis contenta et inde sequuta quecunque, licita tamen et honesta, apostolica auctoritate approbetis et confirmetis, eisque perjjetue firmitatis robur adiiciatis, ac ea valida et efificacia existere, suosque effectus, sortiri et perpetuo inuiolabiliter obseruari, sicque per quoscunque judices quauis auctoritate fungentes, sublata eis et eorum cuilibet quauis aliter iudicandi et interpretandi facultate et auctoritate iudicari, et dii Sniri debere, et quicquid secus attentari J 1542.] OF THE GRANTS OF GRANT. Forsamekle as honorable men and our weilbelouittis, James the Grant of Freuchy, and Johnn the Grant, his sone and apperand aire, has becuming our men and seruandis to ws, our airis and successouris, for certane landis we haue infeft thame in lifrent, within our lordschipe of Strathoune, togidder with the baillioiie of the samyn and keping of the hous of Drummyn for thair zeirlie feis, as in our charteir and letteris maid to thame thairupoun mair amply is contenit ; and als ar bundin and oblist be thair speciale letteris of Tnanrent and obligatouris, and thair kyne and seruandis, to tak our and our airis and our successouris, for all the dayis of thair life, anefald and plane part in all ouris and thair iust and lauchfull actionis aganis all deidly, thair allegiance to our souerane lady the Quenis N 98 CHARTERS AND MISCELLANEOUS WRITS [1546. Discharge by James Earl of Arran, Governor of Scotland, to James Grant of Freuchie, of the feu-maills of Urquhart and Glenmoristoun. I, Henry Kar, with my hand at the pen, led be Schir Patrik Anderson, notar publict. Eesiission by Jajies Earl of Arran, Governor of Scotland, to James Dunbar of Tarvett and others, for intercommuning with Norman Leslie. thair personis, laiidis or gu Jis in ony wj-s in tymc cuming, nochtwithstanding that thai wer chargit to remane in wair J, as said is, or ony actis maid or to be maid in the contrare. Eemission by Mary Queen of Scots iu favour of James Grant of Mulben. Maria Dei gracia Eegiua Scotorum, omnibus prubis hominibus suis ad quos presentes litere peruenerint, salutem : Sciatis quia ex nostra gracia speciali, cum auisamento et consensu charissimi nostri consanguinei et tutoris, Jacobi ducis de Chattellarault, ^Vranie comitis, domiui Hammiltoun, regni nostri protectoris et gubernatoris, remisimus Johanni Grant de Mulben, latori presentium, rancorem animi nostri, sectam reginalem, et omnem actionem, quern et quas erga ipsum concepimus, habemus, seu quouismodo in futurum habere poterimus. lu primis, do et lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti, corpusque meum honorabile sepeliendum in ecclesia mea parrochiali de Dovthaell sic et adeo boneste vt debet, ad discretionem mei executoris infrascripti. x P- Item, quinquaginta quattuor buculos, precium pecie .

Witnesses, Earl Patrick, Earl Malcolm of Fife, Allan son of Ro Uand, constable, Walter son of Alan, steward, Walter Olifard, justiciar of Lothian, and others. carte mee alienacionis est appcnsum : et ad maiorem rei securitatem, sigillum Laurentii Roberti, vnius balliuorum dicti burgi tunc temporis, qui sasinam et hereditariam possessionem dicte rode terre cum vniuersis et singulis pertinenciis, per terre et lapidis tradicionem, post meam resignacionem in manibus ipsius balliui prius factam, dicto Patricio tradidit et deliberauit, in secunda cauda post meum est appensum, vna cum subscriptione Eoberti Waus, notarii publici, apud burgum de Inuernes, vicesimo sexto die mensis Augusti, anno Domini millesimo qiungentesimo decimo septimo; presentibus ibidem, Johanne Ker, Thoma Patersone, Thoma Donaldi, Thoma Lumisdayll, Johanne Ostelar, Donaldo Duncani, et Alexandre Blak seriando, cum diuersis aliis ad premissa vocatis specialiter et rogatis. cumyng[of the] dispensacioun betux the dait heirof and XV dais eftir Mertimes in vjntir next to cum : And gif it sail happin at the said dispensacione cum nocht hayme within the said tyme of xv dais eftir Mertimes, the said Johne the Grant is bundin and oblist to cans thame be handfast and put togiddir, his said dochtir Agnes Grant and the said Donald, for manage to be completit, in the defalt of the dispeusacion nocht cumyng hame at the said tyme : And thairfoir the said Johne the Grant sail haif ane band of ane nobil and ir,21.] OF THE GRANTS OF GRA: S'T. Done in Balliudallach, and William Leslie of Balquhane, of Bomora, in the parish of Crathie. Letters by King Jajies the Fifth, respecting the feu-fermes of Glencarny and Balnadalloch. Jacobus Dei gracia Eex Scotorum, omnibus probis hominibus suis ad quos presentes litere peruenerint, salutem : Sciatis quia approbauimus, ratificauimus, ac pro nobis et successoribus nostris pro perpetuo confirmauimus cartam feodifirme per quondam carissimum patrem nostrum vltimo defunctum, cuius anime propitietur Deus, factam quondam Johanni Grant de Freuchy et heredibus suis, de ten-is de Glencarny et Balnadallach, cum molendino earundem et suis pertinenciis, iacentibus infra v-icecomitatum nostrum de Elgin et Fores, quamuis dictus quondam Johannes et Jacobus Grant nunc de Freuchy, eius filius et heres, in solutione firmarum feodifirme dictarum terrarum nobis per spacium septemdecim annorum aut eocirca vltimo elapsorum defecerunt, sed huiusmodi firmas carissimo fratri nostro Jacobo Morauie comiti persoluerunt : Nos nichilominus ex auctoritate nostra regali volumus et concedimus, ac pro nobis et successoribus nostris decernimus et ordinamus quod non erit aliqua lesio, dampnum aut preiudicium, dicto Jacobo Grant, heredibus suis aut assignatis, nee quod ipsi nullum dampnum aut periculum inde incurrent penes perditionem eorum feodifirme et hereditatis dictarum terrarum, aliquibus nostris legibus, parliamentorum actis, statutis, restrictionibus, aut aliis quibuscunque, in contrarium factis et faciendis non obstantibus ; super quibus nos, cum consensu et auisamento nostri thesaurarii, cum dictis quondam Johanne et Jacobo pro certa compositione desuper cum dicto nostro thesaurario facta dispensamus : Insuper nos pro nobis et successoribus nostris renunciamus et exoneramus dicto Jacobo et heredibus suis omni iuri, clameo et titulo, que et quem nos habuimus, habemus, aut habere poterimus in et ad dictas terras pro non solutione firmarum earundem, 1332.] OF THE GRANTS OF GRANT. Datum sub nostro secreto sigillo, apud Edinburgh, decimo nono mensis Marcii, anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo vicesimo nono, et regni nostri (Iccimo septimo. Sequitur tenor subscriptionis domini Joannis Nicholsone, notarii publici et scribe in causa appellationis predicta : — Et ego Joannes Nicholsone, presbyter Rossensis diocesis, publica apostolica auctoritate notarius, quia suprascripte sententie diffinitiue prolationi, pronunciationi suprascriptis, sigilli appensioni ceterisque premissis, dum sic ut premittitur dicerentur, agerentur et fierent, vnacum prenominatis testibus presens interfui, atque ea omnia et singula sic fieri vidi, sciui et audiui, ac in notam cepi ; ideoque hoc presens pubhcum instrumentum mea manu fideliter scriptum exinde confeci, et in hanc publicam formam instrumentalem redegi; signo, nomine et subscriptione meis solitis et consuetis signaui et subscripsi, in fidem et robur omnium et singulorum premissorum rogatus et requisitus. xl ^■ Item, iiij^lxv oues matrices cum agnis, precium pecie .

Ita est, magister Jacobus Farquharsone, curatus de Cromdall ac notarius publicus, in premissis requisitus, manu propria. Ita est, Magister Gilbertus Grote, uotarius publicus, de mandate dicti Donaldi Dow ad premissa requisitus manu propria scripsit. Precept by William Leslie of Balquhan, to infeft John Leslie, his son and heir, and Isobel Grant, his future spouse, in the lands of Auchlyne, etc. Willelsius Leslie de Balquhen, dilectis meis Jacobo Leslie, burgensi de Abirdene, et eorum cuilibet, coniunctim et diuisim, balliuis meis in hac parte specialiter constitutis, salutem : Quia dedi et concessi dilecto Joanni Leslie, filio meo et heredi apparenti, et Issobelle Grant, sue sponse future, secum in coniuncta infeodacione, et pro toto tempore vite eiusdem, et beredibus masculis inter eos legitime procreandis, quibus deficientibus, legitimis et propinqui- oribus heredibus masculis ipsius Joanuis quibuscunque, omnes et singulas terras meas de Auchlyne, Talzeauch, Blairdynnie alias lie Hauch de Bogy nuncupate, cum earundem pendiculis et pertinentiis, iacentes infra schiram de Clat, regalitatem de Garreauch, et vice- comitatum de Abirdene, prout in carta mea eis desuper confecta plenius continetur : Vobis precipio doque in mandatis, quatenus vos seu alter vestrum accedatis seu accedat ad predictas terras de Auchlyne, Talzeauch, et Blairdynnie alias lie Hauch de Bogye nuncupate; et r.! The Quenis Majestic vuderstanding that Johnne Grant of Frewchy, be his letteris obligatouris actit and registrat in the buikis of secrete counsell, is oblist and astrictit to enter and present Donald Dow M'^Ewin of Locheyle, capitane of Glanchamroun, befoir hir hienes and lordis of secrete counsell vpoun thretty dais warnyng, qiiheneuir he salbe requirit, vnder certaine pecunial panys specifeit in his band and obligatioun, as the same at mair lenth beris : Kochtwithstanding, for certane occasiones moving hir, [hir] Majestic dischargis the said band and obligatioun and all pane and dangeir thairin contenit ; and attour, ordanis the secretair and his deputis, kepars of the buikis of secrete counsell, to registrat and insert thir presentis thairin ad perpetuam rei memoriam. Signet Letters charging the Clanchattan and Clankenzie to assist John Grant of Freuchie against the incursions of the Clanranald and Clancameron. James, be the grace of God King of Scottis, to cure louittis messingeris, oure schirefltts in that part, coniunctlie and seueralie, specialie constitute, greting : Forsamekill as it 1568.] OF THE GRANTS OF GRANT. and takand the burding on him for Robert Munro, his son and apperand ayre, on the wther parte, in raaner following ; to wit, the said Robert ilunro of Fowllis sail cans the said Robert, his son and apperand ayre, solerapnizat and compleit the baud of matrimonye with the said Barbara betuix the dait heirof and Fastrene Ewin nixt to cum, and sail dewlie infeft the said Barbara in the landis and fischingis respectiue ouderwretin, be plane chartour of alienation or resignation in the superiouris handis thareof, in fawouris of the said Barbara and the ayris to be gottin betuix her and the said Robert, son and apperand ayre forsaid : quhilkis failzeing, the saidis Robertis ayris quhatsumeuir ; to be haldin of the superiouris of the landis and fischingis wnder wretiu, in few and heritage respectiue, as the said Robert haldis the same at this present ; that is to say, all and haill the" landis of Fyndone, with the ailhous, pendikillis and pertinentis of the same wsit and wont, lyand within the lordschip of Ardmanoche and schireffdome of Inuerness ; all and haill the landis of Inuerawin, Lynschetcroy, -n-ith the pertinentis, with the myll, ailhous of the same, togidder with the haill half salmond fisching apon the watter of Schyn, lyand within the schirefdome forsaid ; togidder with the haill touu and landis of Lymlare, with the pendikillis and pertinentis of the same, lyaud within the barrony of Ferndonell and bisschoprik of Ross, with ane cobill salmond fisching wpon the watter of Kylis Ochell, betuix the dait heirof and the feist of the natiuitie of our Lord callit Zuill uixt to cum, frie, but pament of ony deuatie ; to the quhilk the said Robert Munro of Fowllis oblisis him thareto during the said Barbarais lyftyme, wpon the said Robertis expensis : Prowyding alwayis, gif the saidis landis and fyschingis respective forsaidis extendis nocht in zeirlie pament in maill ferme and dewatie to the sowme of ane hundretht pundis wsuall money of this realme, in that cace the said Robert Munro of Fowllis bindis and oblisis him and his ayris to dewelie infeft the said Barbara in sa mekill land, with the landis and fischingis forsaidis, that sail pay zeirlie, frie, the sowme forsaid : For the quhilkis premissis to be done in maner forsaid, the said Jhone Grant of Frewchie bindis and oblisis him, his ayris, executouris and assingnais, to ryallie with effect content and pay to the said Robert Munro, his ayris, executouris or assingnais, the sowme of sewinteue hundretht and fyftie merkis wsuall money of this realm, in maner following ; that is to say, nyne hundretht merkis money forsaid at the completing of the said band of matrimony, and the remanent sowme of awcht hundretht fyfty merkis money abone wretin within zeir and day nixt eftir the completing of the band of matrimony abone spesifeit : And for the mare securitie of the fulfilling of this present contract, bayth the saidis parteis ar contentit the same be registrat and insert in the buikis of cuusall and commissaris of ]\Iwrray respectiue, thare to haue the strenth of thare decreit and auctoritie interponit heirto ; and to that eftect, the said Jhone for his parte hes maid, constitutt and ordanit Maister Alexander Skeyne, William Gaderar burges of Elgyn ; and the said Robert Munro of Fowllis for his part hes maid, constitut and ordanit Maisteris John Abercrommy, Maister Martene Logye, thare procuratouris respectiue, coniunctlie 1568.] OF THE GRANTS OF GRANT. George Gor Joun off Bekloniy, James off Tilltallen, Duncan Grant in Garthin, John Grant in Kynbcathe, and ir Archibald M'^Gregour, with otheris diuerss. Item, I for my self and in name of my haill kin and freindis of my surname, and vtheris my tennentis and servandis, promissis to behave our selfis as faythfull and obedient subiectis to our souerane lord, his regent and authoritie, in tyme cuming, and keip gud reu U and quietnes, vnoff'ending aganis his lawis or making trubill and insurrectioun heireftir : And gif ony of my kin will not obey me in this behalf, I sail vpoun my Lord Regentis poweris to be gewin, owther deliuer or present thame to the iustice, or than put thame out of the cuntrey : Item, for obseruatioun and suir keping of all and sindrie the premissis, I sail owther entir my secund sone, or Patrik Grant of Davey, to remane as pledge with his Grace in sic place, and for sic space, as he sail think convenient : Thir thingis being accomplessit and fulfillit be me, I humelie crave remissioun to my self and haill persones of my surname and tennentis, vnlandit or beneficit and nocht duelland vpoun my Lord Regentis proper landis, for all crymes committit be ws sen the xi day of Junij 1567 to the dait heirof (idolatrie, wichecraft, incest, adulterie, murther, slauchter, fire raising, rewesing of wemen, thift, and resait of thift exceptit). to be maid be the said Jhone Grant of Frewchquhy, his airis and successouris foirnemmit thairanent, as . Sic subscribitur, Jhone Grant of Freuchquhy, Angus M*^Alestir, sone and air to \Tnquhill Alestir ]\PKeane of Glengarrie, with my hand at the pen led be Sir Jhone Gibsone, notar publict, at my command be me specialie requirit heirto. charters Edinburgh 1553 in \ r\ -| I /A ' ) y Contents o C aolume Cljim. Item, quatuor equos operarios, precium pecie vt supra ; summa, xx lib. Item, xij bollas ordei estimatas ad quartum granum, precium bolle cum pabulo vt supra ; summa, xxiiij lib. Item, nouem animalia iuniora duorum et trium annorum, precium pecie vt supra ; summa, ix lib. Item, vj vetulas vnius aimi, precium pecie vt supra ; summa, xlviij s. Item, fatetur se habere in Gar- thynmoir in auenis seminatis v'^'vj bollas aittis, estimatas ad tertium granum, precium bolle cum pabulo vt supra ; summa, centum librarum. In primis per Dingwaill de Kyldone, iij'^xxxiiij lib. ir' u;r'-.i..':i'jijn Jiico J 62 CHARTERS AND MISCELLANEOUS WRITS [1517. S'iue animis, sibi inuicem remiserunt ; pacificos et quietos, in iudicio et extra, perpetuis duraturis temporibus, pro se et aliis quibuscunque suo nomine, satisfactione condingna primitus considerata et Iiincinde realiter perimpleta, acclamarunt et acquietarunt : Nccnon realem et actualem ac iutegram satisfactionem, resarcionem et compeusacionem auimalium, granorum, rerumque aliarum quarumcunque, dampnorum, expensarum et iniuri- arum, ac interesse, ablatarum hincinde asportarum et dampnificatarum, premissa diligenti inquisicione, super numero et valore earundem, sibi inuicem fecerunt : De quibus eciam omnibus et singulis hincinde sese in vberiore forma exonerauerunt et acquitumclamarunt in perpetuum ; promittendo pactum de vlterius non petendo pro se uel aliis suo nomine : Volentes eciam huiusmodi partes premisse in omnibus suis clausulis extendi in vberiore forma; ac quod huiusmodi presens instrumentum, absencia suorum sigillonim, loco finalis exoneracionis et remissionis siue litere lye slanis, vxorum, prolium, consanguineorum, ac adherencium interfectorum, vt moris est patrie, habeatur, sicuti sigillis parcium, seu aliter quocunque munimine roboretur : Premissaque inuio[la]biliter obseruare dicte partes, suo magno iuramento interueniente, ac sub pena periurii, inhabilitatis et infamie, sese michi notario publico subscripto, vice et nomine omnium et singulorum quorum interest, intererit, ac interesse poterit quoniodolibet in futurum, hincinde obligarunt et stipularunt : De et super quibus omnibus et singulis, dicte partes hincinde a me notario publico subscripto sibi fieri pecierunt, vnum seu plura, publicum uel publica, instrumentum aut instrumenta : Acta erant hec, apud Aberzelde, quarto die mensis Januarii, anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo viceslmo septimo, hora decima ante meridiem, coram his testibus, Dauid Bowman iilio Johannis Bowman in Auchquhile, Johanne Eeid Gordone, Donaldo Anderson, Johanne Jameson, Duncano Jameson, Nicolaio Daueson, cum diuersis aliis.- Et ego vero Johannes Dauesone, magister arcium, presbyter Morauiensis diocesis, sacra apostolica auctoritate notarius publicus [dc.]. discreti viri domini Joannis Nicholsone, vicarii de Lagane, notarii publici, ac scribe cause et partibus iiifrascriptis, examinauimus : Quiquidem testes jurati et deligenter per nos exami nati, recognoiierunt sigilluin eidem sententie appensum fuisse, et esse verum et justum sigillum dicti quondam abbatis, iudicis delegati predicti, necnon eandem sententiaiii esse subscriptam et manuali subscriptione prefati domini Joannis Nicholsone roboratam ; et quod ipse dominus Joannes fuit et est halntus, tentus, et reputatus notarius pubh'cus fidclis et legalis, honeste conuersationis ac bonorum nominis et fame : et quia post deligentem auscultationem, in- spexionem, et examiuatiouem eiusdem nostra sententie, eandem comperimus fore sanam et integram, non viciatam, non cancellatam, rasam seu oblitam, nee in aliqua sua parte sus- pectam, sed omni prorsus vicio et suspitione carentem, ad prefati domini prioris instantiam et requisitionem, predictam sententiam diffinitiuam, per discretum virum dominum Thomam Stephani, vicarium de Rosmarky, notarium publicum, et curie nostre consistorialis scribam principalem, transsumi, copiari et exemplari, ac in publicam transsumpti formam ad per- petuam rei memoriam redigi mandauimus et jussimus : Cuiusquidem sententie diffinitiue tenor sequitur et est talis : — Vniuersis et singulis sancte matris ecclesie filiis ad quorum notitias presentes litere peruenerint, Donaldus abbas permissione diuina de Feme Eossensis diocesis, ordinis Premonstratensis, apostolice sedis delegatus, vnacum decano et cancellario Eossensibus nostris in hac parte collegia, cum clausula quatenus vos, tres, duo aut vnus vestrum, cause et partibus infrascriptis specialiter constituti, salutem, in omnium Saluatore : Nouerit vniuersitas vestra, nos in quadam causa appellationis per venerabilem in Christo patrem et dominum, Alexandrum permissione diuina priorem Vallis Sanctiandree de Pluscardyn, et eius loci conuentum, ordinis Sancti Benedicti, Morauiensis diocesis, appellantes, ex vna, et reuerendum in Christo patrem et dominum, Alexandrum miseratione diuina Morauiensem episcopum, monasteriorumque de Scona et Insula Missarum commendatarium perpetuum, et discretum virum Magistrum Thomam Gadei-ar, vicarium de Narn, eius commissarium gener- alem Morauiensem appellatos partibus ab altera, coram nobis judicialiter ventilata et vsque ad sententie diffinitiue prolationem in eadem exclusiue, rite, et canonice deducta ad instantiam dicti domini prioris, sententiam nostram diffinitiuam die et loco inferius designatis in scriptis tulisse et pronuntiasse in hec verba : — Cheisti nomine inuocato, nos Donaldus permissione diuina abbas monasterii de Feme, Premonstratensis ordinis, dio- cesis Eossensis, index delegatus cause et partibus infrascriptis, vnacum decano et cancellario Eossensibus, nostris in hac parte collegis specialiter constitutis, cum clausula quatenus vos, tres, duo, aut vnus vestrum, sedens pro tribunali in causa appellationis per venera- bilem in Christo patrem et dominum, Alexandrum permissione diuina priorem Vallis Sanctiandree de Pluscardin, eiusque loci conuentum regule Sancti Benedicti Morauiensis diocesis appellantes ex vna, contra et aduersus reuerendum in Christo patrem et domi- num, Alexandrum miseratione diuina Morauiensem episcopum, et magistrum Thomam Gaderar, suum commissarium generalem Morauiensem, appellatos reos partibus ab altera. 101 coram nobis judicialiter ventilatam cognoscentes, partium petitionibus, iuribus, rationibus, ceterisque dicte cause meritis coram nobis propositis et exhibitis, per nos visis, rimatis, deductis et discussis, juris consultoruiu communicato consilio et sequuto, quibus fidelem fieri fecimus relationem in eadem, solum Deum pre oeulis habentes eiusque nomine sanc- tissimo primitus inuocato, per hanc nostram sententiam diffiuitiuam quam ferimus in hiis scriptis, pronunciamus, decernimus et declaramus dictos reuerendum patrem et dominum Alexandrum Morauiensem episcopum, et magistrum Thomam Gaderar, eius commissarium antedictura, suas pretensas literas monitoriales simplices sine cause cognitione, contra ipsos appellantcs non cnnuictos aut confessos respectiue super summa trecentarum et quinqua- ginta mercarum monete Scotie fulminatas, male nu Uiter et inique fulminasse, ac in earum fulminatione ipsos appellantes et libellantes lesisse et aggrauasse, eosdemque appellantes ab huiusmodi pretensis Uteris et omnibus inde secutis bene et iuste appellasse : Ac preterea eiusmodi pretensas literas suspendendas fore et suspend! x"^ Item, in vtensilibus et domiciliis, centum libras. Item, debentes sibi per tenentes suarum terrarum firmarum et decimarum, quincentas mercas. x"" xiij '■ iiij xxvj ■'''• xiij ■iiij .xlj"^ xiij ■ iiij Dcbita que tlebentur aliis. Item, domino de Altjr, pro dote sua, Item, baroni de Kyncardyne, pro dote, • . »T .1 : oiifb L J 527.1 "■' OF THE GRAJv TS OF GRANT. Tl" ct spontaneis volimtatibus, \'tilitateque ac quiete, longa maturitate diuersis tract[at]ibus prehabitis, prout suo magno sacramento singillatim michi notario publico subscripto, sacris Dei ewangeliis tactis, prestito, asseruerant, affirmanmtque omnem animi rancorera et displiceiiciam dictoium hominum occisonim, interfectorum, truncatorum et mutilatorum, equissimis cordialibu. demandata presentauit, citatorumque in eisdem contentorum et non comparen- tium contumatias accusauit, quos contumaces per nos reputari debita cum instancia postulauit, et in penam contumatiarum suarum dictam sententiam diffinitiuam, cuius tenor inferius inseritur, exhibuit, et judicialiter publice produxit : Post cuiusquidem sententie exhibi- tionem, nos, Kentigemus, decanus Rossensis, et, sede episcopali eiusdem vacante, vicarius generalis predictus, dictos citatos, vocatos, et non comparentes, contumaces reputauimus ; et in penam contumatiarum eorundem, predictam sententiam diffinitiuam ad manus nostras recepimus, vidimus, auscultauimus, palpauimus et diligenter inspeximus ; ac certos fide dignos ad numerum octo testium citatos, vocatos, comparentes, et juratos super recognitione sigilii dicti quondam domini abbatis, iudicis delegati predicti, et subscriptionis manualis et legalitatis 100 CHARTERS AKD MISCELLANEOUS WRITS [1548. vij-"^ vi''lxvj '"'■ xiij ■ iiij' vij'" iiij "I jjijxxyj in vij •iiij' xxiiij "^- vj ^ viij iiijxxli sxx" xxij '' usticiario, Ixxiij '■'' vj' viij .

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