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Xbox dating indie game

Playdead’s follow-up to Limbo feels remarkably similar to its monochrome predecessor at first, but Inside proves itself to be significantly more refined.

The muted colours feel less stylised than the bright whites and dark blacks of Limbo.

Save the Date was made with Ren'Py and essentially plays like a visual novel, so it's basically boxes of text against an illustrated background, but it does not have the long stretches of non-interactivity typical of the medium.

The gameplay involves making a lot of choices, which are selected with the mouse (or with the arrow keys and Enter).

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The slow pace of your new career gives protagonist Henry time to think on the past, and so unfolds Firewatch’s story.

Inside also has one of the most debated and intriguing final acts of any videogame. Firewatch provides a memorable recreation of Wyoming's Shoshone national park and drops you in it in the year 1989.

From there, you play a park ranger, and it’s up to you to attend the grounds.

When masked people drown the boy whose life is in your hands, it’s all the more harrowing.

Horror is a major part of Inside but so is mystery.

Chris Cornell of Paper Dino Software, developer of Haiku Hero among other games, would have you believe that Save the Date is a simple dating sim about having dinner with a friend.

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Xbox dating indie game introduction

Xbox dating indie game

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